How does Larry Feinstein make a difference? For over 23 years he's been helping small businesses find the right health care coverage to meet their specific needs. He can help you do the same.

Larry Feinstein started his insurance career working for a large company. Although successful, he noticed working for an insurance company meant focusing more on selling company products than the needs of the customer. Larry thought the needs of the customer should always come first.

In 1985, Larry started his own business with a more client-centered philosophy. The Leader’s Group is dedicated to providing its clients with the knowledge and resources to find the best health plan regardless of provider—putting your interests above all else.

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As a business owner himself, Larry knows firsthand what it takes to operate a business. He also understands the insurance needs of small business owners, and he offers specialized health plans that address those needs.

Larry can help you provide cost-effective benefits to protect the health of your employees. Through dedicated service, he’ll meet your needs by implementing an insurance plan that puts your interests first. Call or e-mail him today.